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Private Yoga in Lisbon


I offer private yoga classes in English at your home or at a location of your choice in Lisbon.

Lessons are tailored to your body, your goals and your needs. I teach hatha, vinyasa, yin, breathing and meditation.


​You can book a trial lesson and decide how many times a week you would like to practice.


Class duration is 60-75 minutes. 

WhatsApp: +44 7 902 635 430



Most popular 

Best option for those who want to see if private yoga lessons are for them or have very limited availability.

Once a week / Trial


An optimal option for those looking to get in shape and have a regular exercise routine.

Twice a week


A perfect option for those looking to deepen their practice or achieve specific results in short period of time.

Three times a week



Meet your teacher

Hi, I am Natalya...

I have spent years in a corporate career in London. Until the day I decided to follow my heart - and help people be calmer and more fulfilled. I am a certified professional yoga teacher, Vipassana meditator, an artist and a life coach.

I've experienced many benefits of yoga myself and really enjoy empowering others to improve their health and wellness through yoga practice. 

I offer private yoga lessons in Lisbon for people of any level. Whether you are looking to get back in shape or want to get to the next level with your yoga practice - we can tailor your classes to your needs.

Next to the physical asana practice, I can teach you other techniques  to help you stay attuned to your inner self and find your calm - such as meditation, breathing exercises and more.

What to expect from your class

I teach my classes at client's homes or outdoors when the weather permits. All you need is a yoga mat and some floor space to fit 2 yoga mats - yours and mine (which I will bring with me). 

In your first class, we will discuss your goals, injuries and your preferences. I will then tailor the classes to you. 

Each class lasts between 60-75 minutes. We will start with a short meditation to get ready for the practice, followed by the warm-up, sun salutations and asanas. We will close the class with the relaxation, or savasana. 

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How to prepare to your class

To make the most of your class, find a place where you will not be disturbed. All you need to prepare for the class is some space on the floor to fit 2 mats (yours and mine).


It is best to wear comfortable stretchy clothes. You won't need any socks, as yoga is best practiced barefoot. It is recommended to avoid eating heavy meals 4 hours before your practice, but you can have a light meal 1-2 hours beforehand.

After the class, stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. 

Client Testimonials

When I met Natalya, I was new to yoga. She has changed my world! We had classes 2-3 times a week and I saw both my body and my mind improve so much! (I am a 55 year old woman). I highly recommend her!

Maison Zen is all about calm, community, reconnecting with the yourself, holistically - across your mind, body and soul. I learned so much from Natalya and started sleeping again.



Why we love yoga

It's the most gentle way to stay in shape

It's lots of fun and there's always something to learn

Have you seen what yogis look like? Yoga is a sure way to always stay young!

You can do it anywhere any time for as long as you want! 

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About Maison Zen

Our Philosophy

We realise how important it is to have a safe space and dedicated time for disconnecting from the daily grind. We provide our Clients with opportunities to recharge their body, mind, and soul with positive energy and reconnect with themselves.

We love holistic approach to wellbeing and believe in the importance of nurturing the mind, body and soul. We do that through all our events and private yoga classes - by guiding our Clients through the best practices from Western and Asian civilisations to find the inner calm and joy.


Workshops, Retreats & More

Next to our ptivate yoga & meditation classes, we also offer workshops, retreats and more worldwide.


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